Useful Links – Government Bodies

Office Of Fair Trading

SW Fair Trading safeguards the rights of all consumers, and advises business and traders on fair and ethical practice. They provide services directly to individuals and businesses to create a fair, safe and equitable marketplace for everyone. The laws they administer set the rules for fairness in the countless daily transactions between consumers and traders. They also investigate unfair practices and ensure that the products sold in NSW are safe and meet their regulations and safety standards.

Australian Taxation Office

The Australian Taxation Office is the Australian Government statutory agency and the principal revenue collection body. The ATO has responsibility for administering the federal taxation system and superannuation legislation. Responsibility for the operations of the ATO are within the portfolio of the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia. This office has gone under several names during its history including Federal Taxation Office, Commonwealth Taxation Office and now, its current name, the Australian Taxation Office.

RTA – Roads & Maritime Services

Still commonly known as the RTA, the Roads and Maritime Services agency was created on 1 November 2011 from a merger of the Roads and Traffic Authority and NSW Maritime. This Government agency is responsible for building and maintaining road infrastructure and managing the day-to-day compliance and safety for roads and waterways.

Land and Property Information

Colloquially known as the ‘Land Titles Office’; NSW Land & Property Information, is a division of the Department of Finance and Services in the Government of New South Wales, and is responsible for land titles, property information, valuation, surveying, and mapping and spatial information in New South Wales. Formerly known as The Land and Property Management Authority (LPMA) which was abolished in April 2011 and its former business divisions transferred to new departments.

OSR – Office of State Revenue

The Office of State Revenue (OSR) is part of the NSW Department of Finance and Services. They administer State taxation; collect revenue, outstanding fines and penalties; develop policy and implement legislation relating to taxation, fines and duties. The OSR also administer benefits and grants to provide valuable assistance to families and enterprises across the state. Revenue collected is used to fund schools, hospitals and other public services for the people of NSW. The State Debt Recovery Office is the fines division of OSR, through which they are responsible for the receipt and processing of fines issued by various government agencies and authorities..

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